How to Write College Essay

A 6-step guide on how to impress the admissions committee with an outstanding writing.

The college application season starts right after Halloween, and the All Hallows’ Evening gently rolls into the All Stressed-Out. The transmission from good old High School to a brand new life at college lays through the writing tasks of the application process.

The college admission officers are right there to pick out the fittest and judge recent graduates by their personal statements, also known as ‘the college essays’. This significant moment can’t be lost at times when your skill is about to define your future. Every senior has this feeling no matter the level of their grades and test scores. To relieve stress and prove once again that the devil isn’t as black as it’s painted, we’ve listed six really easy tips on how to write college essay and complete the application process as confidently as possible.

1. Instructions will lead you.

Don’t lead astray and answer the questions you are asked. Don’t overcome word and page limits: even though the thoughts are flowing out of your mind and you frame them brilliantly, it’s not working with the college essay. Be short and precise. Applications officers are too busy with piles of essays and they probably won’t go into every detail of your statement. This time, the fate is defined by a quick judgment. Try to put everything out on 1.5 page

2. Format your writing properly.

In online application, your essay is automatically formatted according to the standards, but if you decide to mail a printed version, consider the following:

  • Use single space;
  • Use a 12-point Times New Roman;
  • Each page must include your name, date of birth and high school;
  • One-sided print only.

cta3. Grab readers’ attention from the first sentence.

The beginning can define the final, so start your essay with a catchy and remarkable phrase and the admission officer will get a natural encouragement to read on. However, the first sentences tend to be the most difficult part and you may spend days to come up with something worthy. Don’t focus on it, but go on and explore the topic – the creative process will certainly give birth to an exciting hook!

4. Avoid hackneyed phrases.

Your story sounds as ordinary as your daily routine? You can’t be casual here and tell another story over a water cooler. People don’t bother to be highly descriptive in everyday life, that’s why most applicants struggle with the style. Finish your essay, read it over and find all the common expressions. Get rid of them, add some details and adjectives. For example, instead of ‘The view was awesome’ write ‘I was fascinated by the most marvelous scene in the world’. It’s not a super trick, but you can be original and stand out.

5. More active voice.

Less passive. How to write college essay to sound energetic and effective? Put all the ambitions in it and your voice will be distinctive and persuasive. A leader’s skill.

6. Conclusion as attractive as the beginning.

Summarize the key points of your writing in a few bright sentences to reach almost the same effect as with the hook. The beginning motivates the reader to dive into your story while the end must ensure s/he has had a memorable swim. And be careful not to dilute the conclusion with new ideas.

You may need extra help on how to write college essay and go further exploring more resources, but they usually don’t go beyond these essentials. The knowledge is useful when it’s applied, and the more you practice, the more solid and coherent your writing gets. Complete the first draft of your essay four weeks before the deadline, revise it and follow our guide on how to write college essay listed above. Share the copies with friends, relatives and teachers to get an objective feedback and reveal subtle mistakes that sneaked out of your sight. This practice will hone your skills and help express yourself in a clear, precise and distinctive way.