Easy-to-follow tips for an outstanding story

The admissions committee usually requires the entrance essay as one of the tasks of the college application process. In this personal statement, you are to show your plans, life and career goals, describe an important moment of your life, share your philosophical views and beliefs etc. This story is a chance to be spotted among the others and successfully complete the application process. Collegekrakem.com has listed down a 9-step guideline on how to write a college entrance essay to help recent graduate tailor a remarkable personal statement. Let’s get started:

1. Read the questions attentively and list the key ideas.

They will make up the outline of your essay and help organize the plot.

2. Don’t sound ordinary.

If your story can describe a thousand more applicants – it doesn’t qualify as a personal statement. College admission essay is a very original and personal writing to give the admissions officer an inside look on your philosophy and worldviews (better shown in some particular situations).

3. Take on the opposite role.

The admissions committee is like a demanding recruiter who is seeking the fittest candidate, the one who deserves to join their educational institution and win fame for it. Think of what the admission officers expect to learn about a successful applicant, how they see him/her and simply give it to them.


4. Hear out the others.

Your younger brother may not know how to write a college entrance essay, but he can easily point out your traits and characters. This can be not only your friends and parents but also your teachers or former employers. Use your CV or recommendation letters – they are a good resource for personal achievements and skills.

5. Provide the proofs.

Don’t simply copy the information you find in your résumé or other resources. The essay should reveal your actions and behavior in particular situations., i.e. based on concrete examples.

6. Choose the vocabulary wisely.

Avoid long and obscure words. Your story should be neither ordinary nor artificial. Add some hues and saturation to describe only truly bright moments.

7. Follow the formatting guidelines.

Knowing how to write a college entrance essay isn’t limited by a well-structured plot and proper vocabulary choice. Follow the format requirements such as spacing, font type and size, word limit etc. – they don’t directly describe your personality, but ignoring the rules can be rewarded with a candidate’s disqualification.

8. Proofread carefully and several times.

Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical mistakes will certainly leave an unpleasant impression of a careless applicant. If the admissions committee isn’t going to meet you personally, their judgment will be based on your essay only.

9. Use your essay as a template.

Your story is going to be another source of inspiration with a ready-to-use outline, catchy beginning and memorable final. Use the same ideas and plot in different college admissions essays, but make sure your new story fulfills the first point of this guidance. Once you have a well-tailored story you won’t need to google how to write a college entrance essay anymore. Consider a bit of rewriting to exclude a chance the admissions committee finds your story unoriginally written.